You may think choosing garage doors is straight forward, however there are many things to consider, such as whether your garage is adjacent your property, is it a single or a double garage, what does it cost? clearance inside and out is needed and so on. Likewise, the look of the garage door can influence what product you utilize. There are 4 basic types of garage door and three different products typically utilized to construct these doors. We take a brief look at the 4 types of garage door which are sectional, roller, side hung and finally the typical up and over garage door.

The first type of garage door we look are sectional garage doors. These doors open vertically and so are best where area in front of the garage is at a premium. They are a versatile option for a brand-new garage door with the added bonus of aesthetic appeal, which is clearly very important as a lot of garages lie at the front of your house. A sectional garage door has a series of hinged horizontal panels that raise and lie parallel with the ceiling of the garage when the door is opened. There is no overhang or canopy and it is possible to park a cars and truck right up next to the door as there is no protrusion at any point of the operation of unlocking.

Roller garage doors are very much like sectional garage doors. The major distinction is the need for a specific amount of headroom inside the garage above the door opening. This is because the door rolls up inside a drum above the opening of the garage door. Like a sectional door there is no have to allow any room inside or out to operate the door. Likewise, roller doors are often automatic.

If it is traditional look that is needed for a garage door then side hung garage doors are the normal option. For those individuals for whom image is necessary, a timber side-hung door is necessary. Also, for duration residential or commercial properties, this kind of garage door will be a lot more in keeping with the appearance of the property instead of a newer steel or GRP design of door. Side hung doors can be fitted directly onto brick or onto a wooden frame.

The final kind of door we think about is the most common range which is the up and over garage door. There are still the most popular type and are exceptionally versatile. They are made from all 3 of the common products utilized in garage door construction, which are lumber, steel and GRP. The up and over garage doors can be either instantly or manually ran which offers a lot more option. Importantly, they are reasonably easy to install and run.